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End-of-Life Practitioner Program


About the Course

"This course is a rare jewel, an intensive learning experience that amplifies practitioner skills, and restores the heart of the healer. I strongly recommend this course for physicians or health practitioners interested in end of life care."
Geoff Galbraith MD, Vice President, Quality Improvement, Kaiser Permanente, Hawaii

"My expectations were exceeded. This was the most meaningful, applicable formal training I've received since I learned to read and write."
Patricia Wudel, Executive Director Josephs House, AIDS Residence, Washington, DC

Program graduate Rev. LeAnn Stubbs, Campus Minister, addresses fellow EOL Care Practitioners

"It was a transformational experience that far exceeded my wildest imagination or expectations."
Sandra Lee MSW, Hospice Social Worker, Kaiser Hospice, Vallejo, CA

"The emphasis on mindfulness, of being in touch with myself at all times, fostered a deepening ability to function with less fear, reactivity, or aversion. I am more relaxed, confident, and able to discern what is called for in interactions with patients, families, staff."
Susan Clark, Hospice RN, Santa Barbara CA

"The course helped me understand what it means to really be present with someone who is dying. I learned skills that went well beyond my usual ways of connecting with others."
Ginna Maus, Psychotherapist, Sandpoint, ID

About the Faculty

"The faculty were excellent role models, compassionate, attentive, knowledgeable and committed."
Ramita Bonadonna RN, Folly Beach, SC

"The diversity and depth of the faculty was really incredible. I especially appreciated their commitment to pragmatic service."
Jeanne Dussault, Social Worker, Great Fall, MT

"I honestly have never met a more amazing group of people. The faculty totally captivated me."
Rev. LeAnn Stubbs, Campus Minister, Des Moines Iowa

Benefits to a Healthcare Organization or Local Community

"Medical training is about mastery, about curing and fixing often taught in environments of competition and criticism. This course is about living in mystery. It liberated and broadened the way I practice medicine and changed the way I create curriculum for medical students."
Norma Hirsch MD, Hospice Physician, Des Moines, IA

"The staff at my agency lobbied to have my EOL training underwritten so that I could bring back what I learned to them—nurses, social workers, counselors and chaplains. On learning about the Metta course one supporter wrote a check to cover the entire tuition!"
Mark Gardner, Hospice Chaplain, Santa Barbara, CA

"As a result of this course, we now integrate mindfulness and compassionate care as well as spiritual dimensions of chronic illness and death throughout our acute rehabilitation medical facility."
Fran Morrow, Psychotherapist, Rehabilitation Center, Santa Barbara, CA

"Brainstorming about how we can take this new role into our community expanded my ideas and possibilities for private practice."
Mary Koopman RN, Hospice Nurse, San Francisco, CA

"After the EOL training my supervisor created a new position for me as RN Community Educator with a new budget and an open agenda. Now we offer courses to nursing home staff and create community dialogues on issues."
Mary Clark RN, Nurse Educator, Medford, OR

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