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Frank is a dynamic, original, and visionary workshop leader. His public programs attract hundreds of participants eager to learn mindful and compassionate approaches to care of the dying and ways of living more fully. Participants often comment on the intimacy, inspiration, and directness that characterize these programs. For examples and descriptions of programs see Workshops.

"Frank is one of the best guides for hospice work that I know. His teachings and heartfelt wisdom are a blessing for all who accompany the dying."
Jack Kornfield, Buddhist Teacher Co-Founder Spirit Rock Center & Insight Meditation Society

Meditation Retreats

Frank teaches Buddhist mindfulness meditation retreats throughout the USA and Europe. Mindfulness practice is a simple and powerful technique that begins with calming the mind and body. It allows one to see through the mind's habitual patterns and conditioning and thereby to live more fully present in the moment with wisdom and compassion. Retreats are 3-7 days in duration and include alternating periods of silent sitting and walking meditation with some group exercises and inquiry.

Keynote Conferences

Frank is an inspiring and energetic speaker. He is an advocate for reclaiming the soul in caregiving and the spiritual dimensions of dying. Frank frequently offers the keynote address at state, regional, national, and international meetings. His presentations span a wide range of topics including the sacred art of dying, compassionate service, and the relevance that lessons learned near death have for leading a full, wise, and loving life.

"I really enjoyed how Frank's workshop offered a balance of discussion, meditating, and experiential exercises. Lots of learning on different levels that kept me completely engaged even after 10 years as a hospice professional."
Anthony, "Being a Compassionate Companion" Workshop Participant

Staff Retreats

Frank offers half- and full-day staff retreats for hospice and healthcare organizations. The retreats emphasize rest, renewal, and a rediscovery of our deep intention in service. Programs include the elements of self-reflection, interpersonal communication, group support, and experiential exercises.


Frank is occasionally available for consulting with healthcare and other community organizations. Topics include Staff Development, Communication Skills, Team Building, Volunteer Support and Training, and more. Together we assess the number and the length of sessions needed to meet your specific needs.

"I have never felt so moved. I cried throughout most of Frank's talks, not just out of sadness but also out of joy at what I was hearing. He spoke with such truth and compassion."
Terri, Grace in Dying Workshop Participant

Costs & Arrangements

Sponsoring organizations pay an agreed-upon flat fee, plus all travel expenses, for all consultations, workshops, and speaking engagements. Buddhist meditation retreats are offered for "dana" or contributions made by the participants or the sponsoring organizations.

Programs should be booked several months to a year in advance. Unless otherwise specified, Frank's fees as a teacher and consultant do not provide any direct income to Metta Institute. To contact Frank Ostaseski about a speaking engagement, workshop, retreat or other consulting service, please send an e-mail to:

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