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Interview with Frank Ostaseski about His Life of Service
From Spirit Rock MeditationCenter, Spring 2011
Download as pdf
Meine wahren Lehrer sind die Sterbenden
My True Teachers are the Dying
Interview with Frank Ostaseski, Buddhismus Aktell Magazine, Munich Germany, March 2010
Download as pdf
You Mean I’m Going to Die Too?
Jan Chozen Bays, Ajahn Amaro, Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche, and Frank Ostaseski explore how to face aging and death with an open and fearless mind. Buddhadharma Magazine, Spring 2009
Download as pdf
The Mindful Society: Walking the Talk
by Barry Boyce, Shambhala Sun, May 2009
Download as pdf
Inside Joseph's House
Theresa Vargas, Washington Post Staff, Tuesday, December 2, 2008
Download as pdf
A friend to the dying - Teacher offers insights from more than 25 years of hospice work
By Karna Hughes, Santa Barbara News, September 18, 2007
Lessons in Dying
By Liz Janes-Brown, The Maui News, January 14, 2007
Download as pdf
Dying at Home
By Steve Heilig, Pacific Sun, March 3, 2006
Download as pdf
Buddhist teaching can help caregivers comfort the dying
Bill Kettler, Mail Tribune, Medford Oregon, 2004
Download as pdf
Frank Ostaseski: One of the 50 Greatest Innovators in America Over Fifty
from AARP Magazine, March/April 2003
Download as pdf (Frank is on page 9)
Profile: Zen Hospice Society
By Barry Boyce, Buddhadharma, March 2, 2003
Download as pdf
Hospice with a Zen Twist
from San Francisco Medical Society magazine, October 2002
Download as pdf
S.F. Coach Nate Lewis Lives Out Last Days in Peace at Zen Hospice Guest House
from The San Francisco Chronicle, September 2002
Download as pdf
Work-Life Wisdom
from Health Forum Journal, May/June 2002
Download as a pdf
What to Do When the Going Gets Rough
from Tricycle Magazine, Summer 2001
Lending Our Bodies
from Tricycle Magazine, Summer 2001
Dalai Lama Honors Frank Ostaseski and Bay Heroes
from San Francisco Chronicle, May 2001
Download as pdf
Exploring Our Intention in Service
from View: inspiring a revolution of the mind, May 1997
Download as pdf
Stories of Lives Lived and Now Ending
from Inquiring Mind, Spring 1994

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