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Wise Relationship in Accompanying the Dying
La relazione saggia nell'assistenza di fine vita (English with Italian Translation)
Relation de sagesse (English with French Translation)

Healthcare practitioners and hospice volunteers are always operating in the context of relationships - with patients, colleagues, and families. It is essential to know how to navigate that territory with skill, clarity and compassion. At its core, good medicine is built on the practice of wise relationship. Patients want more than expertise — they need a human face on the medical care they receive. Continuity, trust, and communication matter.

In this course, we will explore and develop key elements of Wise Relationship including; three-center listening, skills for deepening dialogue, mindfulness practices that develop cognitive control, emotional balance and somatic awareness. We will also work with the "wounded healer" archetype, disengaging from the inner critic, and cultivating our capacity to care profoundly while also functioning with balance and composure.

Wise relationship always begins with self-awareness, which leads to empathetic attunement, and ultimately expands to an appreciation of our deep interconnection with all life and our most essential nature.

We will explore and develop these skills and capacities.

  • Cultivate open-hearted, moment-to-moment, non-judgmental awareness.
  • Recognize and tame the "inner critic".
  • Practice the skill of "three center listening" - body, heart, and mind.
  • Developing Alliances with colleagues or family and friends.
  • Develop empathetic concern, absolute and relative compassion.
  • Find your unique gifts by exploring the "Wounded Healer" archetypes.

This program is suitable for all healthcare professionals, hospice volunteers and family and friends accompanying the dying or those with serious illness.

June 7-8, 2016
7-8 Giugno, 2015
Wise Relationship in Care of the Dying
La relazione saggia nell'assistenza di fine vita
(English with Italian Translation)
Staff and volunteers only. No general public.
Cardinal G.G. Foundation
Vertova (Bergamo)

For Registration and Information:
Tel: 035-737609
Seminar Site:   Sala Polivalente / Auditorium Foundation Card. G. Gusmini
Address:  Via San Carlo, 30 - 24029 Vertova (Bergamo)