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With Eyes Open: A Training in Compassionate Presence

The eyes of a dying patient are clear mirrors. In their gaze there is simply no place to hide. Coming face to face with dying requires a fierce compassion and self-awareness that is best supported by mindfulness, emotional balance and equanimity.

In this workshop Frank introduces approaches that build essential competencies, strengthens individual capacity for compassionate service, and enhances spiritual development. In the relationship with those served by hospice, the practice of compassion is as essential as good pain management or symptom control. Yet, rarely is it acknowledged as our most available and effective resource, offering immeasurable value to all interventions. Without the presence of compassion, caregiving becomes a series of mechanical or technological efforts that exhaust everyone and heals no one.

Frank discusses the development of empathetic concern, forgiveness, the importance of somatic awareness in the development of compassion and how to sustain the fearless receptivity in the face of suffering. He will draw on his experience as both patient and caregiver to illustrate its impact on those facing life threatening illness and loss.

This workshop uses lecture, discussion, mindfulness and contemplative practices and experiential exercises. The program may be of special interest to healthcare professionals, those living with illness or accompanying family or friends facing life-threatening conditions.

There are currently no dates scheduled for this workshop.

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