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Heart of the Great Matter:
Be aware of the Great Matter of Birth and Death.

Life passes swiftly,
Wake up, Wake up!
Do not waste this life.

I have been with a thousand dying people. The tragedy I've witnessed is not that life is impermanent or sometimes cut short, but that we often only see in hindsight what really matters. Sitting with others on the precipice of death offers us a view that is an extraordinary gift. It is a bittersweet teaching that is often accompanied by a mixture of opposing feelings. It reveals both the precarious and precious nature of our life. It illuminates what is most important and reminds us that we don't have time to waste.

Within the suffering, the dependency, the confusion and fear that arise with loss or dying there are also the seeds of grace. These transitions are often uncomfortable, challenging old patterns and leaving us feeling uncertain, frequently with a heightened sense of vulnerability.

At the same time these experiences provide an opportunity for growth and true freedom. They can take us to the heart of the matter showing us how to live and die in love. This workshop will explore ways of utilizing the encounter with loss and death to encourage the movement from tragedy to transformation.

We'll share stories, engage in contemplative practices and explore pragmatic tools that help us to reclaim the spiritual dimensions of dying, foster a peaceful death and perhaps live a more whole-hearted life.

This workshop is open to all and may be of particular interest to professionals or those who anticipate caring for family members or friends facing life-threatening illness.

There are currently no dates scheduled for this workshop.

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